It was May of 1999.  We had just sold our new house and were weeks away from homelessness.  With two little ones in tow, we were on our way to discuss buying the father in law’s house.  But hubby really wanted no part of it.  So in a last ditch effort he asked if he could stop at a little farmhouse first.  He had grown up riding by this house his entire life, on the way to a friend’s house.  He just wanted to ask.  And so, as I slid down in my seat out of complete embarrassment ( I mean really, who knocks on someone’s door to ask if they will sell their home!?), he confidently went to the door.  The rest was a whirlwind of offer to purchase papers and move in dates.  It was unbelievable.  Not that I thought that at first. I had just sold my beloved new home (I’m so thankful now that I think about it…I painted it pink!  Yuck!).  And before me stood a farmhouse.  A tiny kitchen.  Only two bedrooms.  And what?  No ensuite?  But it had bush and deer…and no close neighbours!  And my hubby was in lala land.  We purchased the ten acres from the beloved Crambs.  They told us we reminded them of themselves when their girls were young.  They were concerned about us cutting down trees,  so we planted more.  She went over perennials and gardens and how to pickle beets.  I still do them her way.  He showed hubby how to run the tractor, about the water lines in the barn and where the old house was.  He started a garden there.  We were young.  Oh so young.  But we were in awe.  For those short months, while we were waiting to move in, they were like our grandparents.  We also knew how hard it was on them.  As excited as we were, they were giving up their family home, their family farm, the place that held all their memories.  So we moved in.  We had our struggles.  We overcame.  And we were blessed and our family grew and we worked hard.  In 2014 we were able…after hubby pursuing for many years…to purchase more land around our small farm.  That’s when the whim of starting a strawberry farm, and then starting it maybe even in the same year, took flight.  We have picked rocks, and picked rocks (and picked more rocks), tilled, planted, and finally harvested in 2016 for the first time in the same field that Mr. Cramb worked so many years ago.  We are honoured to be given the opportunity to bring this farm back to life.  We are so humbly grateful.  And as Mr. And Mrs. Cramb are no longer with us here on this earth, it is our hope that they knew how much giving up a part of their heritage meant to us.  And continues to mean to our family.  And that old tractor?  Keep an eye out for it…it may just look as it did all those years ago:)



Picture of Mr. Cramb & the farm as it was.


Picture of Mr. & Mrs. Cramb

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Mr. Cramb & my hubby, this picture was taken two weeks before Mr. Cramb passed away.  Such a meaningful and memorable visit.