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Fall Farming










Fall.  Beautiful.  Bountiful.  Oh what it beholds.  The glory in the changing leaves.  The absolute amazement in the red of sunsets.  It is a time of awe and wonder.  And maybe a trip to Hawaii.  Seriously.  I am just late.  For everything I mean.  I’m late paying bills, I’m late putting up pumpkin signs, I’m late changing my homepage.  I was even late with ALL of our kids.  I feel like I should just embrace it like having freckles or a big nose.  I put all the bills neatly away in this awesome wall organizer…seriously cute…then forget I put them there.  If this is what my forties are going to be like, I better not just hang on to my hat for my fifties…I better get a chin strap for it.  And those mitten strings.  I hated those things as a kid.

Oh well.  Here I sit.  I wish I could say in the quiet of our home…but alas I cannot.  I hear kids screaming when I am pretty sure they were just told to get their pjs on.  And singing.  Loud, terrible singing.  I honestly wouldn’t know what to do if it was quiet.  I have often said I just want one day,  just one so that I could clean and do laundry and catch up without having to get the nerf dart out of the caribou’s mouth…again, or pick gitch up from outside…how on earth did it get there?  I don’t want to know.  That explains the smelly jeans in the laundry for the fifth time today.  But let’s face it.  I would find my book and a quilt and some pillows and sink into a  tea coma for the day.  So instead I will tirelessly keep telling myself that this isn’t depression and I’m not that terrible of a mother just because I want to make eggs and toast for supper tonight, just like last night.

On a different note…what beautiful weather we have had though.  Only a couple of frosts.  We have actually left some of our pumpkins out so that if someone wants to go pick from the patch, they totally can!  It’s fun.  And neat to watch kids and adults alike wandering around looking for just the right one.  We butchered what was left of our chickens.  These guys were seriously more the size of those Cornish hens.  We were hit hard with a sickness and I dug my heals in and wouldn’t give them antibiotics.  I want to know that what I am feeding our family.  So now I get to cook two.  Our pigs are next to butcher.  No worries, not our potbellies!  Those guys are getting their manhood taken away so that they can remain our loyal farm friends.  Things are winding down.  The sun is set.  Life really is good.  Even when it gets tough and the world is just sad.  There is still just so much goodness.  I get to go tuck some of my blessings in to bed.  Then just for a few moments I might actually miss the wretched singing.

Hope you are enjoying your fall.  Come see us if you can:)


Berries and Learning



A customer just told me the other day that you don’t ever stop learning until you are six feet under.  She’s right.  And I am glad.  But what have I learned this past week?  Well, first off that farming is very misunderstood.  If there were never any green berries or white berries or even any pink berries out in the field then our season would be oh so very short and the berries would be gone before we knew it.  I dare say even faster than that.  So, even though some don’t appreciate that not all the berries are ripe at the very moment of picking, I for one am very happy for that.  I’m learning patience.  Because no matter if one or all of us just wish that these berries would turn to a marvelous and beautiful juicy red now, that is just not in our hands or our timing.  So we’ll slow down and enjoy this short lived season and maybe those slow turning berries will give us just one more day to be out picking and marvelling and enjoying this here farm.  This is Manitoba.  Really.  It’s going to snow soon.

Happy picking.  Or happy picking up.  Or just happy.  That’s good too.  Thanks for coming to the farm.  And do come if you haven’t yet.  We’d be happy to have you visit us:)



The Season has started!


It has been a crazy couple of days around the farm!  But we are so very thankful for all the support and seeing all the familiar faces and all the new ones.  It truly amazes me.  And all the kind words.  It is a gift how people can come and enjoy our farm and our family…meet our kids…ask about our  baby…and our daughter who was sick.  We have met and got to know people by name, people who come from all over the world.  Just wow.  I hope you all know how blessed we feel:)

BUT…We have just started….lots more picking to go!  And hey…we are on Instagram.  Check us out if you can:)  Hope to see you if we haven’t yet…and tell your friends.  We’d appreciate it a whole bunch!












We are opening this Saturday!  Expanded petting farm, new duck pond, ice cream treats, picnic areas with umbrellas, honey, maple syrup, our friendly selves…oh and our organically grown strawberries! 

We have had a bit of a rough couple of weeks with a kid having surgery and then landing in the hospital again as a very sick little lady…or not so little but definitely lady.  We are still going back and forth and trying to get ready here but with the help of wonderful family and great friends, we are getting closer!

Our little laying hens have been a target of one very large owl and some hawks at night.  We have been out in the wee hours of the morning to witness the great flight wings of this owl after hearing the screeching pleas of these poor birds.  We were able to witness this owl’s greatness one evening as it sat perched in a tree staring below at us.  No fear.  I didn’t get a great picture, these things don’t wait for perfect photo opportunities or getting better cameras.  The nerve.    I really am hoping he finds a new food source.

We are so excited for this new year!  Tell your friends! See you soon!










Berries & Bees















It is getting so very close.  This year has gone by so fast!  And June, you are leaving us so quickly!  That perfectly red strawberry was eaten on the weekend…a small prize for the many hours of weeding!  We likely will be picking by the end of next week but this weather is sure not speeding things along.  The cool, rainy days have really halted the berry progression.  But they will come.  There are so many beautiful blossoms and many, many green berries just awaiting their glory to red!  And so we here are stressing busily getting last minute things done…things that really should have been done in the winter when a certain person just didn’t think time would ever sneak up on her as it has.  Like I didn’t know I had signs to do and painting?  I may learn one year but I am thinking more I will just have to learn to live with myself just the way I am!

Our new bee hive has swarming issues.  Yes, it is more our issue!  We are learning so much and enjoying these fascinating little creatures.  Watching them swarm and then watching as they invite their community into the new hive.  They really are amazing little things.  They swarmed a couple of weeks ago and then again last night.  And so our one hive has now grown into three healthy hives…nice!  We have our own honey label this year and are so excited to have a great supply of creamed honey available.  Along with maple syrup brought in from a local gal.  Her dad owns a maple syrup farm in Quebec.  Strawberry jam will be available for those who love the berries but not the work of making the jam!  All organic of course:)   We are just going to keep adding as we can.  Next year we will have fresh cut flower bouquets and soaps.


We are excited to see everyone again.  We have some new hours, we want to accommodate everyone while keeping our family priority.  Our FREE petting farm is open daily as well….with some pretty awesome changes and additions!  Pictures of all these new little creatures next up!











This dirty little creature told us he was looking for ha berries…his own term for the strawberries he remembers from last year.  Watch your baskets…he was a little thief  last season!

Getting Ready on the Farm

Oh boy. I think every time I find myself typing here I have said the same things and vowed to myself the same vows. You know, the time thing. The apologies for not being around more. For not being up to date on the farm and all the things we are doing. But the reality is that’s just where we are in life. We are still at the no clean pajamas place in our life. Especially when the weather turns and we are planting and weeding and planting…and weeding…We are really quite happy if we fall into bed at night with the absolute knowledge that every one of our kids was fed and bathed. Really. That is quite an accomplishment. I mean not just hot dogs. Or eggs. Not that eggs aren’t fabulous but I just think I would hear incessant whining if I fed them eggs every night. However tempting that may be at times. Not to hear them whining. Just the egg thing. Anyway..yes…it has been far too long. Again. I did it again. Sigh. Okay, I am on this blog thing. We are nearing closer to that time when I need to let you all know when everything is ready and so I am going to get into some sort of a habit, or schedule or something to be here far more!
We did get away this past winter a couple of times. We are at such a funny time. Our two oldest can’t just up and leave and although we love for them to be with us when they can, the fact is that when they can’t, at least someone is here to do chores. Except the chickens. There are phobias. And tears. Uncontrollable I am told. We will just leave that….how kids brought up with chickens can be so terrified of them. Seriously. They are chickens. Anyway, they survived too. The kids. And the chickens.
We have hatched chickens and our guinea keats just hatched yesterday as well! Our duck is laying on eggs. Two little piggies joined our farm. The bad news of last time is that we lost our poor little Richard the pot bellied pig this past winter. Poor little thing. We have another on the way…we are still brain storming names! Planting is done…we have been building and painting and so much has been done!
So…I will be back. Soon. Like maybe even tomorrow soon. With pictures of what we have been up to and the newest farm babies! Oh…and the weird looking chicken…she’s a showgirl! They are so cute…although some chicken fearing children haven’t exactly used the word cute.


















History Page Complete!










I finally completed the history of our farm…how and when we purchased it, details from our point of view:). We do have the actual history of who the farm belonged to and who purchased it and dates, we are so blessed to be able to have this information.  One of the Cramb’s daughters has done a ton of work to put it all together.  But in the history page, you’ll find how we got here.  And we’re so thankful to be here:)

Pumpkins…and no more pumpkins!









There were pumpkins and pumpkins and more pumpkins…and then they were gone!  We are really very thankful and a little sad that we have no pumpkins left.  I mean we had a great season and are so thankful for all the people that continue to support us and our farm endeavours.  And then there are those who just really want to come and see Richard.  Who wouldn’t right?  He is a funny little pig.  And as the weather is changing and the fire is burning inside…the kids are ever so glad to not have to sit outside today!  There are other things that are getting done or need to be getting done to winterize this farm.  I think the irrigation is getting fixed for the billionth time this year (someone ran over a few headers…oops…and really we need to mark them better-add it to the list!) and I still have beets to get out of the garden and carrots.  They get better with frost though right?  I don’t know about anyone else, but before a season ends…I am already planning for a better next year.  So I am so excited to start sourcing out different pumpkins and squash to grow next year.  We have a bigger planting plot planned (goodness, that is a tongue twister!)…which means more to grow!  And there are some pretty awesome varieties out there just waiting to be tried!  And flowers.  Oh yes…I have plans for that too.  Maybe too many plans?!

As the weather continues to get cooler, you will find us curled up under an old quilt…because they are way too abundant around this home…reading by the light of the fire, drinking something hot and enjoying this time.  And dreaming big for next year.  This farm…we are just so excited to see where it is going.  Hopefully it involves a milk cow.

















The Weekend








The weekend is almost over…just enough time to check off a few more things on the never ending to do list.  Because I am a list person.  I am the person who writes something on a list that is already done just to have the satisfaction of crossing it off!  We tackled a few things this weekend…fermenting pickles and baking bread, making applesauce and enjoying the beautiful weather…because really, that is just likely the most important thing right now.







We did have two escapees this weekend…Richard the pig who took his chance when we let the ducks out to forage (now that the gardens are all but done), and a diaper wearing little boy!  He was dressed twice that day…the boy, not the pig…and still managed to enjoy the sunshine in clothing freedom…donning his most appreciated boots! They are just the easiest thing for a two year old to get on by himself!  And Richard?  He made friends with the newest member of the farm family…little Shadow.








Happy weekend:)