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Berries to Beans





It’s quieter here on the farm.  Not the peaceful quiet of the winter but the busy quiet when the farm closes and there is more work to do than we could imagine but we all want to just go camping.  That quiet.  I sit in the field and pick the last of the season’s berries and hear the killdeer flying overhead.  The parking lot is empty.  The gates are closed.  It is so hard to understand how quickly a season comes and how quickly it leaves again.  And all that is left are memories and mistakes and sighs of thankfulness.  And we carry on and move to the next task and the next job and it really never ends this cycle does it?  It’s just life.  We make the most and best of what we are given.

Our days are filled with dehydrating berries and canning beans and picking peas and all that stuff that the kids really don’t appreciate!  As I was walking into the house the other morning, before the kids appeared from their beds, I heard a buzzing, really loud like, not at all the sound of a single bee.  I looked up to spot a massive nest in the tree.  I am still not sure how we all missed their building!  Between the never ending saga of cows escaping and neighbours calling, of owls and fox stealing my precious birds, of barn swallows swooping and kitties born, somehow we miss things around here!

Summer is getting whisked away!  Hope you all are enjoying every bit of sunshine:)


Keep on picking!

Beautiful berries.  Sleepy littles.  Skies of rain.  There are indeed sunny skies ahead.  The blond is almost turning white on these little farm kids’ heads.  They just don’t want to miss a moment.  The pigs squeal, the goats are forever trying to eat the shirts of their visitors.  And the quiet call of the alpaca turns the head of the inquisitive child.  As the rooster crows, the ducklings scuttle in and out of their place in the barn running for the pond and back again.  It’s a good life.  For us.  For them.  Even if goats are forever escaping and horses find grass on the other side of the fence.  Berries abound here still and picking will continue this next week.  And the goats will still climb into wagons and strollers with or without consent.

Rainy Day

A happy customer sent me this one!


The sky is grey.  The wind is blowing.  It’s not cold but it is enough to chill you.  It’s enough to want to grab a cup of tea and snuggle up with a good book.  One of those lazy rainy days.  It’s quiet.  Kind of peaceful here at the farm.  It has been a blessed blur of busyness around here and not much rest.  The season is short.  At least the season of people and picking and long hours and little sleep.  Of missing my baby time.  But missing laundry time too which is not at all something to miss.  Thanks mom.

We are still so new to this.  And we are trying to please and fill our farm with kindness and a family atmosphere and offer an experience to those who are looking for the adventure of berry picking and farm and fresh country air and a little quiet.  But the reality has oh so quickly sunk in that I guess not everyone looks for the good, not everyone finds the wonderful experience we are so trying to create.  And we will keep learning and changing things to be better but we will never be perfect and we will never be able to please everyone.  I have to laugh at how everyone compares one farm’s berry taste to the next.  Yes, I would have to say it depends most on variety and whether you like that variety or not.  We all plant different plants and varieties and we all have different tastes.  I actually sat down and tried about a dozen strawberries of one variety.  You know what?  Some of them weren’t sweet.  Like at all.  And then there were the ones that tasted like there was sugar on them already.  So incredible.  So funny.  We didn’t create them.  We didn’t make them.  We are just trying our darn best to grow them the closest to nature that we possibly can without the intervention of any nasties.   We are seeing what variety grows well and produces well and tastes amazing.  We are working and growing and trying and it all takes time.

So thanks for being in this adventure with us.  We love our farm.  We love our family.  And we are loving the beautiful people we have met that are in this with us.  Truly.  Thank you.  For being here and trying to heal here when it hurts and sharing your family with ours.