About Us

IMG_0214We are a Christian homeschooling family of 11 tackling the farming life!  We strive to live intentionally each day and be grateful for the blessings surrounding us.  After years of having a (very) small herd of Dexter cattle, some chickens and the odd duck, we have ventured into the U -pick strawberry farm market.  We are so excited to see where this undertaking leads us!

We want to provide our customers with not only great tasting berries, but berries that have not been sprayed with chemicals.  We do not use herbicides or pesticides on our plants.  We use only organic fertilizers.  Although we are not organically certified, and have no plans on getting involved in the certification process, we strive to be transparent to our customers.  Our berries are truly in the most natural state they can be in!  If you would like to know what we have used on our berries, just ask:)  We all need to and should know where our food has come from and the process in which it has been grown.

Our desire to offer chemical free produce has come from the years of working with cancer patients, including children.  We want to do our part to ensure fresh, wholesome food is making its way from our family farm to your family table!