Fall Farming

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Fall.  Beautiful.  Bountiful.  Oh what it beholds.  The glory in the changing leaves.  The absolute amazement in the red of sunsets.  It is a time of awe and wonder.  And maybe a trip to Hawaii.  Seriously.  I am just late.  For everything I mean.  I’m late paying bills, I’m late putting up pumpkin signs, I’m late changing my homepage.  I was even late with ALL of our kids.  I feel like I should just embrace it like having freckles or a big nose.  I put all the bills neatly away in this awesome wall organizer…seriously cute…then forget I put them there.  If this is what my forties are going to be like, I better not just hang on to my hat for my fifties…I better get a chin strap for it.  And those mitten strings.  I hated those things as a kid.

Oh well.  Here I sit.  I wish I could say in the quiet of our home…but alas I cannot.  I hear kids screaming when I am pretty sure they were just told to get their pjs on.  And singing.  Loud, terrible singing.  I honestly wouldn’t know what to do if it was quiet.  I have often said I just want one day,  just one so that I could clean and do laundry and catch up without having to get the nerf dart out of the caribou’s mouth…again, or pick gitch up from outside…how on earth did it get there?  I don’t want to know.  That explains the smelly jeans in the laundry for the fifth time today.  But let’s face it.  I would find my book and a quilt and some pillows and sink into a  tea coma for the day.  So instead I will tirelessly keep telling myself that this isn’t depression and I’m not that terrible of a mother just because I want to make eggs and toast for supper tonight, just like last night.

On a different note…what beautiful weather we have had though.  Only a couple of frosts.  We have actually left some of our pumpkins out so that if someone wants to go pick from the patch, they totally can!  It’s fun.  And neat to watch kids and adults alike wandering around looking for just the right one.  We butchered what was left of our chickens.  These guys were seriously more the size of those Cornish hens.  We were hit hard with a sickness and I dug my heals in and wouldn’t give them antibiotics.  I want to know that what I am feeding our family.  So now I get to cook two.  Our pigs are next to butcher.  No worries, not our potbellies!  Those guys are getting their manhood taken away so that they can remain our loyal farm friends.  Things are winding down.  The sun is set.  Life really is good.  Even when it gets tough and the world is just sad.  There is still just so much goodness.  I get to go tuck some of my blessings in to bed.  Then just for a few moments I might actually miss the wretched singing.

Hope you are enjoying your fall.  Come see us if you can:)


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