Berries to Beans

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It’s quieter here on the farm.  Not the peaceful quiet of the winter but the busy quiet when the farm closes and there is more work to do than we could imagine but we all want to just go camping.  That quiet.  I sit in the field and pick the last of the season’s berries and hear the killdeer flying overhead.  The parking lot is empty.  The gates are closed.  It is so hard to understand how quickly a season comes and how quickly it leaves again.  And all that is left are memories and mistakes and sighs of thankfulness.  And we carry on and move to the next task and the next job and it really never ends this cycle does it?  It’s just life.  We make the most and best of what we are given.

Our days are filled with dehydrating berries and canning beans and picking peas and all that stuff that the kids really don’t appreciate!  As I was walking into the house the other morning, before the kids appeared from their beds, I heard a buzzing, really loud like, not at all the sound of a single bee.  I looked up to spot a massive nest in the tree.  I am still not sure how we all missed their building!  Between the never ending saga of cows escaping and neighbours calling, of owls and fox stealing my precious birds, of barn swallows swooping and kitties born, somehow we miss things around here!

Summer is getting whisked away!  Hope you all are enjoying every bit of sunshine:)


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LOVE your blogs……reminds us all that life is just that…life and each day is a gift. You are very wise!

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