Keep on picking!

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Beautiful berries.  Sleepy littles.  Skies of rain.  There are indeed sunny skies ahead.  The blond is almost turning white on these little farm kids’ heads.  They just don’t want to miss a moment.  The pigs squeal, the goats are forever trying to eat the shirts of their visitors.  And the quiet call of the alpaca turns the head of the inquisitive child.  As the rooster crows, the ducklings scuttle in and out of their place in the barn running for the pond and back again.  It’s a good life.  For us.  For them.  Even if goats are forever escaping and horses find grass on the other side of the fence.  Berries abound here still and picking will continue this next week.  And the goats will still climb into wagons and strollers with or without consent.

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Highly recommended to visit Olde Cramb Farm. Friendly people and their strawberries are so sweet!

I had a great visit to your farm yesterday. You have everything so beautifully organized and set up, and the berries and honey are absolutely delicious. It was so fun to see the lovely animals. You’re doing a wonderful job there!

The best strawberries ever!!! The nicest people!!!! You would never want to go anywhere else!!! I am addicted to picking and this is the absolute best place to go!!!! My daughter loved it as well!!!!!!!!

Wonderful experience, very friendly people and fantastic strawberries! Highly recommended!

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