Rainy Day

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A happy customer sent me this one!


The sky is grey.  The wind is blowing.  It’s not cold but it is enough to chill you.  It’s enough to want to grab a cup of tea and snuggle up with a good book.  One of those lazy rainy days.  It’s quiet.  Kind of peaceful here at the farm.  It has been a blessed blur of busyness around here and not much rest.  The season is short.  At least the season of people and picking and long hours and little sleep.  Of missing my baby time.  But missing laundry time too which is not at all something to miss.  Thanks mom.

We are still so new to this.  And we are trying to please and fill our farm with kindness and a family atmosphere and offer an experience to those who are looking for the adventure of berry picking and farm and fresh country air and a little quiet.  But the reality has oh so quickly sunk in that I guess not everyone looks for the good, not everyone finds the wonderful experience we are so trying to create.  And we will keep learning and changing things to be better but we will never be perfect and we will never be able to please everyone.  I have to laugh at how everyone compares one farm’s berry taste to the next.  Yes, I would have to say it depends most on variety and whether you like that variety or not.  We all plant different plants and varieties and we all have different tastes.  I actually sat down and tried about a dozen strawberries of one variety.  You know what?  Some of them weren’t sweet.  Like at all.  And then there were the ones that tasted like there was sugar on them already.  So incredible.  So funny.  We didn’t create them.  We didn’t make them.  We are just trying our darn best to grow them the closest to nature that we possibly can without the intervention of any nasties.   We are seeing what variety grows well and produces well and tastes amazing.  We are working and growing and trying and it all takes time.

So thanks for being in this adventure with us.  We love our farm.  We love our family.  And we are loving the beautiful people we have met that are in this with us.  Truly.  Thank you.  For being here and trying to heal here when it hurts and sharing your family with ours.



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Loved your farm !! Came picking berries with my grandchildren….they loved your petting farm !! Keep up the great work…we will definitely be back next year !!

Came on Monday and picked 5 baskets. My family of 11 devoured those so fast. All anyone kept saying is these are the best strawberries we have EVER had. I managed to get some in the freezer but I got a feeling I may just need to head back before the seasons done. 😀 We had a great time picking, and creating great memories with my kids. Great job!!

We came last Friday and loved it! My kids helped pick and loved the petting zoo, and Murphy. These were delicious HUGE berries. So glad someone recommended your farm. I love the fact there’s no nasty chemicals as well. We will definitely be back again…hopefully this year , but if not, for sure next year.

You take beautiful pictures. Just remember you can’t please all the people all the time. I loved your farm and look forward to coming back.

Thank you for the fantastic morning. You and your family are doing a fabulous job! Love the atmosphere you have created. Strawberries are delicious. My son loved your animals. Thank you for sharing them with everyone.

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