Berries and Learning

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A customer just told me the other day that you don’t ever stop learning until you are six feet under.  She’s right.  And I am glad.  But what have I learned this past week?  Well, first off that farming is very misunderstood.  If there were never any green berries or white berries or even any pink berries out in the field then our season would be oh so very short and the berries would be gone before we knew it.  I dare say even faster than that.  So, even though some don’t appreciate that not all the berries are ripe at the very moment of picking, I for one am very happy for that.  I’m learning patience.  Because no matter if one or all of us just wish that these berries would turn to a marvelous and beautiful juicy red now, that is just not in our hands or our timing.  So we’ll slow down and enjoy this short lived season and maybe those slow turning berries will give us just one more day to be out picking and marvelling and enjoying this here farm.  This is Manitoba.  Really.  It’s going to snow soon.

Happy picking.  Or happy picking up.  Or just happy.  That’s good too.  Thanks for coming to the farm.  And do come if you haven’t yet.  We’d be happy to have you visit us:)



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Hi..picked up my 4 baskets of berries this a.m. And was surprised to see the closed sign. Thankfully a young man who was at the gate told me my berries could be picked up as I had ordered them. Very glad that you honored your orders even though you were closed to pickers. Thank you again for the delicious berries. I will hopefully be back before the season is over.

It is so hard to take orders and still allow a day to rest the field! We thought it worked to still do the prepicked orders while we were closed! Glad to have you, hope to see you again soon:)

I was out at the farm Wednesday for my first time and I loved your place. I’ve told many many people since. So we need those slow ripening berries to sustain all of us new customers. 🙂 And your honey!!! The best I’ve ever had – and I love my honey. Tried all kinds from many farms…
Keep up the great work and please keep learning…

First time at your farm today. Really enjoyed all the atmosphere & surroundings going on. Your strawberries are so delicious and juicy. Thank you

My sister and I were out to pick strawberries on Tuesday morning and were rained out after picking only one basket. We were unable to go back after the rain stopped. I went back on Friday morning and was so glad that I was there by 8:00 because it got extremely busy by 9:00. I was very impressed by the patience shown towards the impatient people who had come to pick and were upset because they had to wait for a few minutes. People often seem to think that life revolves around only them. I found you very helpful even though you were swamped. Thank you for the good picking experience. I hope to be back next year. Oh, and the berries are delicious!

We went there today July 8th and so glad we did! I love your strawberries! They are sweet and delicious! You are a now my strawberry farm to go to every year!!!

Keep them organically grown!

How about expand to blueberries and Manitoba cherries too 😉

It was a surprise to see you again Dana! You are doing great. See you soon. The berries are delicious.

We picked strawberries at your farm on July 8. I have to say they are the best berries we have ever picked. The atmosphere is amazing and everyone working there is so polite and helpful.
It felt like you we were spending time with family. We will definitely be back I have also recommended that all my family and friends come to your farm

Thank you for making it affordable for anyone to purchase berries. I can’t say thank you enough. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much for your kind words! We were so happy to have you at the farm:)

Picked 10 pails of beautiful strawberries last week. Some of the best I have seen in Manitoba. You have a wonderful spot with great people. Hoping to get back and pick some more. Glad I found you.

I was at your farm with my husband and little baby on Saturday morning July 8. It was my second picking season in Canada and the first one at your farm. I was totally impressed how everything was organized! Your white benches are very lovely and it was nice to have them there. It helped me to nurse my baby without leaving the field. Berries were so tasty! And I it is strange to read that people were dissatisfied with them.
My mother is growing strawberries in Ukraine. Your berries have reminded me those which were grown by my mom.
My baby who is only 5 moths old, has enjoyed patting your sheep and goats!
Very reasonable prize!
As I have already mentioned while leaving your farm , I’m your customer from now and for the future picking! Next time will come with some friends who doesn’t know about this farm.
Good luck in your business ! Youare doing great job!

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