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We are opening this Saturday!  Expanded petting farm, new duck pond, ice cream treats, picnic areas with umbrellas, honey, maple syrup, our friendly selves…oh and our organically grown strawberries! 

We have had a bit of a rough couple of weeks with a kid having surgery and then landing in the hospital again as a very sick little lady…or not so little but definitely lady.  We are still going back and forth and trying to get ready here but with the help of wonderful family and great friends, we are getting closer!

Our little laying hens have been a target of one very large owl and some hawks at night.  We have been out in the wee hours of the morning to witness the great flight wings of this owl after hearing the screeching pleas of these poor birds.  We were able to witness this owl’s greatness one evening as it sat perched in a tree staring below at us.  No fear.  I didn’t get a great picture, these things don’t wait for perfect photo opportunities or getting better cameras.  The nerve.    I really am hoping he finds a new food source.

We are so excited for this new year!  Tell your friends! See you soon!










18 Comments to “OPENING SATURDAY JULY 1!”

Re your hens. Are they not locked up in a safe place at night? Or are they a semi-wild variety that like to sleep in the trees? I had some that spent their nights that way. I hope to be able to pick berries at your Olde farm.

Our hens have a fenced yard and are able to come and go in the barn where they roost at night. For some reason some of these newer ones decided hey liked to stay out at night. The owl and hawks soon discovered this! We are working on covering a portion to keep them safe! Hope to see you at the farm😊

Open at 8…petting farm opens at 9:)). But if you are wanting lots of buckets you might want to come next week…there are lots and lots of berries but need the heat next week for prime picking!!! Excited to get going 😊

My first time picking strawberries today. I have picked strawberries for many years, but these are the biggest and sweetest I have ever had. Beautiful! Looking forward to tasting the honey.

Our second year picking delicious berries here, brought a friend , love the new gazebo , love seeing you so busy , lots of people . You are so organized , great farm, great family . Thank you , will be back.

I’m so sorry I missed your email today! Our petting farm is open if we are picking:)

Are you Open Tuesday, that is tomorrow? My grand daughter can only pick tomorrow.

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