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It is getting so very close.  This year has gone by so fast!  And June, you are leaving us so quickly!  That perfectly red strawberry was eaten on the weekend…a small prize for the many hours of weeding!  We likely will be picking by the end of next week but this weather is sure not speeding things along.  The cool, rainy days have really halted the berry progression.  But they will come.  There are so many beautiful blossoms and many, many green berries just awaiting their glory to red!  And so we here are stressing busily getting last minute things done…things that really should have been done in the winter when a certain person just didn’t think time would ever sneak up on her as it has.  Like I didn’t know I had signs to do and painting?  I may learn one year but I am thinking more I will just have to learn to live with myself just the way I am!

Our new bee hive has swarming issues.  Yes, it is more our issue!  We are learning so much and enjoying these fascinating little creatures.  Watching them swarm and then watching as they invite their community into the new hive.  They really are amazing little things.  They swarmed a couple of weeks ago and then again last night.  And so our one hive has now grown into three healthy hives…nice!  We have our own honey label this year and are so excited to have a great supply of creamed honey available.  Along with maple syrup brought in from a local gal.  Her dad owns a maple syrup farm in Quebec.  Strawberry jam will be available for those who love the berries but not the work of making the jam!  All organic of course:)   We are just going to keep adding as we can.  Next year we will have fresh cut flower bouquets and soaps.


We are excited to see everyone again.  We have some new hours, we want to accommodate everyone while keeping our family priority.  Our FREE petting farm is open daily as well….with some pretty awesome changes and additions!  Pictures of all these new little creatures next up!











This dirty little creature told us he was looking for ha berries…his own term for the strawberries he remembers from last year.  Watch your baskets…he was a little thief  last season!

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Waiting for your strawberries. I told everyone I knew last year about your berries and how pleasant it was there and the wonderful service you provide

I amlooking forward to picking again at your wonderful berry patch. I told everyone I knew about your farm last year and many went to pick and all agreed that the pleasant service and lovely berries were great and they would go back again

Thank you so much for your kind words! We look forward to seeing you this year again:)

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