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Getting Ready on the Farm

Oh boy. I think every time I find myself typing here I have said the same things and vowed to myself the same vows. You know, the time thing. The apologies for not being around more. For not being up to date on the farm and all the things we are doing. But the reality is that’s just where we are in life. We are still at the no clean pajamas place in our life. Especially when the weather turns and we are planting and weeding and planting…and weeding…We are really quite happy if we fall into bed at night with the absolute knowledge that every one of our kids was fed and bathed. Really. That is quite an accomplishment. I mean not just hot dogs. Or eggs. Not that eggs aren’t fabulous but I just think I would hear incessant whining if I fed them eggs every night. However tempting that may be at times. Not to hear them whining. Just the egg thing. Anyway..yes…it has been far too long. Again. I did it again. Sigh. Okay, I am on this blog thing. We are nearing closer to that time when I need to let you all know when everything is ready and so I am going to get into some sort of a habit, or schedule or something to be here far more!
We did get away this past winter a couple of times. We are at such a funny time. Our two oldest can’t just up and leave and although we love for them to be with us when they can, the fact is that when they can’t, at least someone is here to do chores. Except the chickens. There are phobias. And tears. Uncontrollable I am told. We will just leave that….how kids brought up with chickens can be so terrified of them. Seriously. They are chickens. Anyway, they survived too. The kids. And the chickens.
We have hatched chickens and our guinea keats just hatched yesterday as well! Our duck is laying on eggs. Two little piggies joined our farm. The bad news of last time is that we lost our poor little Richard the pot bellied pig this past winter. Poor little thing. We have another on the way…we are still brain storming names! Planting is done…we have been building and painting and so much has been done!
So…I will be back. Soon. Like maybe even tomorrow soon. With pictures of what we have been up to and the newest farm babies! Oh…and the weird looking chicken…she’s a showgirl! They are so cute…although some chicken fearing children haven’t exactly used the word cute.