Welcome to a New Year on the Farm!

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Where has the time gone?  The lazy days by the fire, reading or knitting but certainly relaxing just never showed their face.  It seems like we just were hunting for the perfect spindly Christmas tree when it was already time to take it down.  And then 2017 appeared out of nowhere and well, here we are…January gone and thoughts of spring and planting and desperately wanting it to slow down!  Maybe it’s a season in life.  That of never ending piles of laundry and dirty noses and hungry tummies.  But maybe it’s just life.  Maybe it doesn’t ever slow down.  Some days I’m just okay with that when the goats are out again for the fifth time in two days all because the horse can’t open her stall anymore…so I think she wants to get us back by nudging the goat stall open.  But my oh my, I was just telling our oldest son that he was a year and half when we moved here…he just turned 19.  Goodness.  I thought I was still young.  Ha!  Guess not so much!

My boys went on a little holiday last weekend and I was awakened with a paralyzing fear that I could hear footsteps at 2 am by my bedroom.  I really didn’t want to move but knew I was the only adult here.  So I drew up my courage and peered out my window to face my intruder.  Sadie the spirited horse was my intruder, out for a stroll having opened barn doors and stall doors to get to freedom.  At 2 o’clock.  In the morning.   I was quick to awaken the 11 year old owner of said horse to accompany me outside! That’s when her stall was fixed so she couldn’t open it.  She really is an interesting creature!

I have good memories, I think the kids do too.  And we just keep making more.  And that’s what counts.  Hope your holidays were great and your new year off to an amazing start.  We’ll be around here far more often now as we start to ready things for a new year and a new season.  We’ve already had some changes here…some not so great news, some kids growing, some hardly growing.  And I’ll get to it all next time.  Enjoy your weekend:)


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Your pics are all fabulous, and who couldn’t just love that newest smiling face? What a blessing – each and every one!

love, love, love all the pictures….great backgrounds, but oh all those smiling faces…..beautiful, every one!

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