Pumpkins…and no more pumpkins!

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There were pumpkins and pumpkins and more pumpkins…and then they were gone!  We are really very thankful and a little sad that we have no pumpkins left.  I mean we had a great season and are so thankful for all the people that continue to support us and our farm endeavours.  And then there are those who just really want to come and see Richard.  Who wouldn’t right?  He is a funny little pig.  And as the weather is changing and the fire is burning inside…the kids are ever so glad to not have to sit outside today!  There are other things that are getting done or need to be getting done to winterize this farm.  I think the irrigation is getting fixed for the billionth time this year (someone ran over a few headers…oops…and really we need to mark them better-add it to the list!) and I still have beets to get out of the garden and carrots.  They get better with frost though right?  I don’t know about anyone else, but before a season ends…I am already planning for a better next year.  So I am so excited to start sourcing out different pumpkins and squash to grow next year.  We have a bigger planting plot planned (goodness, that is a tongue twister!)…which means more to grow!  And there are some pretty awesome varieties out there just waiting to be tried!  And flowers.  Oh yes…I have plans for that too.  Maybe too many plans?!

As the weather continues to get cooler, you will find us curled up under an old quilt…because they are way too abundant around this home…reading by the light of the fire, drinking something hot and enjoying this time.  And dreaming big for next year.  This farm…we are just so excited to see where it is going.  Hopefully it involves a milk cow.

















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