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The Weekend








The weekend is almost over…just enough time to check off a few more things on the never ending to do list.  Because I am a list person.  I am the person who writes something on a list that is already done just to have the satisfaction of crossing it off!  We tackled a few things this weekend…fermenting pickles and baking bread, making applesauce and enjoying the beautiful weather…because really, that is just likely the most important thing right now.







We did have two escapees this weekend…Richard the pig who took his chance when we let the ducks out to forage (now that the gardens are all but done), and a diaper wearing little boy!  He was dressed twice that day…the boy, not the pig…and still managed to enjoy the sunshine in clothing freedom…donning his most appreciated boots! They are just the easiest thing for a two year old to get on by himself!  And Richard?  He made friends with the newest member of the farm family…little Shadow.








Happy weekend:)



A Girl & a New Camera









For a brief few moments I snuck away from these walls and roamed around the farm.  Just me and my new camera.  Until I heard the thunder of hooves behind me…and just about had a hear attack I will admit.  I may or may not have actually jumped and felt that panic swell up and those prickles.  That girl of ours…she loves her horse.  She plays tag with the other kids, and man tracker or kid tracker I guess…on her horse.  I still don’t know how they do it and I have chosen to remain ignorant for fear of spoiling their game.  You know, that mamma worry.

Then along came another couple of girls, one cuddled up warm in a blanket on the lap of her older sister.  Oh the snuggles of a new born.

I found pumpkins out on my walk…lots and lots of them!  White ones and little teeny ones and pie pumpkins and massive pumpkins. And gourds…even a few birdhouse gourds that I think I will keep and try my hand at turning  into  birdhouses.  Anyone need pumpkins? Mmmm…pumpkin pie!

I’m ever so happy to have a camera again!  I will be around far more often now.



























It is getting chilly out there…time to start a fire I think.  And chase cows.  Because yes, they escaped once again.  Our poor neighbours.  I think I might have to bring them a roast:)






The Start of Fall on the Farm








I can feel it this last week.  The crisp night air.  The chilly mornings.  The poplars are turning yellow, the garden’s bounty is fading.  But we love fall.  We love sitting around the fire outside roasting marshmallows, watching the kids play.  Then there is school…I am not sure if any of the kids would associate any kind of love to that word.  And hunting…well that is just plain obsession with certain men in our household.  Maybe the animals can feel it too.  The last of the warmth. Maybe that’s why all the antics.  They are becoming escape artists, some of these animals.  The cattle were relentless in finding their way out of the pasture and into my yard.  One certain little heifer is still pushing my buttons.  She should just be thankful she’s too small to butcher!  At one point the pig was following the horse who was following the train of wayward cattle while the alpacas took exception to the train and bolted to finer grass way back yonder!  If my mess of weed infested gardens were not bad enough, the pig kept finding his way through his pen and into my onions.  Needless to say the onions were dug up prematurely.  At least I didn’t have to dig them up?!  And I am desperately trying to get my hubby to agree to the purchase of a milking cow.  These disobedient farm animals are not helping my cause.  He is still saying no.  I’ll keep trying.

I was given some produce that we were able to can…well kind of.  Of all things I had a jar explode in the water bath.  I have never had that happen before.  A mess of boiling water and beans & a perfectly sheared glass jar. We decided to freeze the rest…and order a pressure canner!  Relish, pickles, salsa…we are thankful for what actually worked out this year…and the generosity of dear friends & family who shared their gardens with us.

We are still selling and picking and eating corn!  We actually sold our first pumpkins yesterday.  I am hoping to get some pictures up of our biggest pumpkins out in the field. I am struggling with the taking pictures part…since some blessed child left my camera in the rain earlier this summer…we won’t mention any names.  But cameras don’t hold up well in torrential rains, or even just rain showers.  Well, life is never dull here anyway.  And our baby?  Already 3 1/2 weeks old.  But we can’t remember life without her already.







Yes, these little bunnies managed to escape too…but with the help of a little blonde accomplice.


Isn’t she pretty?  I’ll definitely keep trying;)


This, our oldest son said , was a true piggy back ride!