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We’re Back!

When we started picking in July I could not wait until it was over.  I really enjoyed the people, the experience…but I knew once it was over, it was closer to baby time.  It was much closer than we even thought!  So here we are now, settled in with our newest addition to our family.  Our little girl is already just over 2 weeks old…and now I am so badly wanting time to slow down, to enjoy each moment.  These days go by so fast, and then they are two!  Or driving!  Or getting on with a career…oh how life passes us by!  We are striving to enjoy these days, the craziness, the lack of socks in some drawers, the take out pizza!  Even if everything else around is showing signs of neglect…like the mess of gardens we have this year (oh but the weeds, they have done so great this year!), the unkept yard, the laundry…ugh the laundry…some things are just plain more important:)


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