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Picking Days & the duck











These last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind.  At the end of a very long day we take head counts, try to remember to be sure everyone has bathed (or at the least has clean feet!) and fall into bed.  At least we know everyone is well fed…if one of our littles is hungry we can be sure to find him in the strawberry field!  But wow, what an amazing blessing it has been to really feel support from the people around you, from the community around you.  We have had neighbours and church friends whom we have just met bring us baking and even pick me a basket of berries!  We have had words of encouragement and emails and phone calls just to say thanks.  We are just truly grateful.  And excited.  Excited to keep working and growing and planning.  Actually very excited to get some of these weeds under control again!  The weather has turned a bit unpredictable with sun and mists and downpours today.  And the pickers…what troopers some are to stay out there picking in the pouring rain!  I watch from the shelter of our market awning!  I guess I am not such a trooper:)


I have missed telling of some of the excitement around here before all the picking began!  Our duck.  We had four and one morning we awoke to find out that our Cayuga drake was gone.  Sigh.  I guess tis life on a farm but it is still frustrating.  And so we had three…two Khaki Campbell’s and our Cayuga.  They were a team.  They waddled everywhere together.  When I tilled the garden, there they were and so we decided to put them away until the young and vulnerable shoots of our gardens came up and were not eaten down by hungry ducks.  I guess this is when we noticed that our Cayuga was sitting sporadically on a clutch of eggs.  She had lovingly made herself a nest on my vine (which is no longer ) and would sit here and there.  Guess she knew what she was doing.  She sat longer and longer as the days went on and just as I was about to call them all for not, we spotted a crack in one of her eggs.  One by one they hatched as we all sat nearby to catch a glimpse of a tiny duckling that would peek out  from under mama.  She has eight in all.  And we even managed to pick a couple up, these brand new lives that had started on the farm.  Truly amazing.





And then the bees.  Poor, neglected bees they are right now.  I am not sure they mind being left alone for awhile.  We are really new to all this.  We got them primarily for pollination but will eventually enjoy their blessings of honey!




There is a catch up on the farm.  Berries still look and taste amazing.  We had no idea what to expect with them but are very pleased to see so many still hanging on the plants.  And so sweet.  So, the picking continues!  What a great first season for our family and farm:)


Our First Week












Phew!  We made it…our first week.  We have so much to learn and we have learned so much!  We are so excited to see how much support there is for our farm.  We had some very busy days and had to switch up some things already to allow us to run more smoothly.  We truly are a family farm.  It is our immediate family and two of our nephews working here.  And we’re thankful they are family…they are kind of forced to come back each week;). It truly has been more than we expected and we are just plain grateful.  We are looking around at the weeds  and are already planning for the years to come.  Years when our littles won’t be so little.  When we can see the laundry room floor again.  Okay, not that many years away!  This week has been fun, it has been exhausting, it has been amazing for our entire family.  To watch our kids interact with people, completely man the petting farm, help carry orders, pick berries and get up the next morning excited to do it all over has been a joy.  A complete joy.