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A big Thank you…and the last of the Pumpkins!






A big, big thank you to everyone that came to visit us and buy our pumpkins!  We are so excited for next year and all the plans we have…bigger pumpkins, mini pumpkins, white pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn…that is just what we have planned so far!  I am sure as we sit around the fire this winter, dreaming of the spring, we will have even more ideas!  We are saving the last of our pumpkins to sell at the Heritage Arts Centre in Stonewall this Saturday as part of the REACT pumpkin carving contest.  Our kids have done well manning the old hay rack full of pumpkins.  That old hay rack was here when we bought the place from Mr. and Mrs. Cramb, over sixteen years ago now.  I am planning on doing a history page very soon!  We are so blessed to still be in contact with their daughters, learning the heritage of the land!

My kids are trading their roller blades in for skates these days.  Rec hockey has started, as has public skating.  The littlest daughter is dreaming of us watching her twirl around the ice on TV one day!  Maybe we need to get her started…keep fanning those dreams, those five year old dreams.  I find as they turn seventeen, they learn reality.  So why no let them dream.  Who knows, maybe one day.

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And first birthdays…how could we forget first birthdays.  Happy Birthday little man…this guy brings smiles and laughter from us all each and every day.


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Fall on the Farm

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Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!  What a sure sign and feeling of fall.  We are selling pumpkins, eating pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, and soon will be carving pumpkins!  I love fall.  And this fall has not disappointed!  The weather has been unbelievable.  We will just forget the day the house nearly blew away…because it really has been a warm and wonderful fall.  We have only had a few frosts…only had to cover those pumpkins a few times which in and of itself is a blessing!  I am already planning for next year’s pumpkins…white ones and mini ones and gourds!  So much fun!

It took a while to get another post up…I had a really hard time finding the office.  I knew it was in there, but couldn’t see it for all the paper and books…sometimes my love of books makes it a little difficult to keep organized!!  Oh well…it is worth it!  So I have somewhat found it, found enough of it anyway to be able to get to the computer.  I am a work in progress.

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If you are looking at buying pumpkins…we still have lots to sell.  Big ones are $5, small ones are $3.  We are usually around the farm here somewhere, so come on by and see us if you can!

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