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That time again


It is that time again…I am madly trying to get everything together to start school, making relish and pickles and wishing it to freeze…wrong maybe and I am sure we will complain to no end once winter gets here!  We love the cooler weather of fall and are so very thankful for the changes in seasons.  That means there will be an end to the mosquitoes, which this year are atrocious and seem to be getting worse!  To the point I worry about littles being carried away!! But fall also means hunting season (insert rolling eyes) and this year there seems to be excitement over some possibility of elk or moose or some other equally as large creature.  Time will tell whether dreams come true!  So maybe I will just enjoy the last few hot days, the last of the gardens, the last of the days without school.  We officially start on Monday.  I keep saying this year will be different and we will get everything done and be done on time!  My kids are rolling their eyes, as they have done for the last 11 times I have said that!  I’m on it this year though!

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Welcome to the Farm!









Welcome to the farm, glad you stopped by!  We hope to use this little space to keep track of our days, watch our family grow…and see the farm come to the place we have been dreaming it to be!


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It has so far been a good summer….a growing summer.  The weeds have loved it too.   And I don’t recall seeing an orange pumpkin in the garden quite so early in the year.  Maybe it is just a good reminder to enjoy the days of summer.  All too soon fall will be here.

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